Store bought Scratch grain is so expensive, I going to mix my own and need some Ideas


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
So to make my own scratch grain, I was thinking of mixing so flex seed, whole oats, corn grits (my chickens don't like the big bits of broken corn in the scratch grain) and some wheat. Most of the scratch grain I have found have wheat, millet and, corn that's it. I do worry about adding thing that might hurt them. So here are my questions.
So what to you fellow chicken owners use in your home made scratch grain?

Is it really ok to give chicken uncooked rice?

Is it ok to give them flex seeds and corn grits?

Is their a wrong way to make you own scratch grain?
I don't add flax. And I really don't feed scratch. Wheat, oats, and Barley fermented. And meat scraps, boiled potatoes, cabbage and any greens I can. What you have sounds good. Now just figure the cost.
My hens love rice to always cooked, thats why I was thinking of adding it to my scratch feed. Don't worry I won't feed them just rice. I just did not know if you could give them uncooked rice. I was always told never to feed birds uncooked rice.
I make a scratch that's made up from racehorse oats, wheat (preferably red because it has more protein) and black oil sunflower seeds. I mix together one 50 pound bag each of the oats and wheat and mix in about ten pounds of sunflower seeds. This will last my eight birds about six months.

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