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  1. In this thread, you may tell us all stories about your flock of chickens. I would prefer your stories be entertaining. Here's one of my chicken stories:

    One of my first chickens, Raindrop, a smaller buff Orpington, hadn't been laying for a while. We started to suspect that she was becoming a rogue layer. We searched for a while, looking into the window wells and everything. Finally, I spotted Raindrop sneaking into a large bush that separates my house from our neighbors house. When we looked in there, we saw Raindrop sitting on one dozen eggs. My dad had to literally drag her out of there, but we let her continue laying there, because she wouldn't lay anywhere else.

    Here's just ONE of my stories! I would love to hear yours!

  2. I've actually got a similar story where one of my Easter Eggers hid a HUGE nest of pretty green eggs in our garden! [​IMG]

    Let's see, this is one of my favorites. Cookie, my tiny pampered Sicilian Buttercup, has a habit of flying up on the food storage can when I open it up to refill their feeder, and begging to eat straight from the little glass measuring cup I use to pour feed from. Then, after letting her get a few mouthfuls, I empty it in the feeder, and then repeat. So, tonight, Cookie flew down from her roost just to devour some solicited feed as usual. But, she wasn't playing around this time and got tired of standing on the can while I held the food up to her expressive little face.....and she flew INTO the little measuring cup. And stood IN the feed. All the while eating in from around her feet. Crazy bird!

    I've got SOOOOOO many more stories, but I won't overwhelm you right now!


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