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    Nov 7, 2009
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    So we just bought a new house, which has lots of land, and we'll be getting our BO chicks next month after the coop is built. I've read that eggs are laid with a protective coating and that I should collect and refrigerate them daily, maybe twice daily. I was wondering a couple things:

    Do you wash them right away, or right before you sell them?

    How long do they stay 'fresh' after being laid?

    I'm planning on keeping a parent flock of about 30 hens and 2 roos, so eggs will eventually be fertilized. How should I handle questions from buyers about fertilized eggs? I understand from the study done by Mother Earth News that pasture-raised eggs are much healthier, but what about fertilized ones?


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    I dont wash my eggs unless they are dirty of have chicken poo on them. As far as being fertilized,,,that dont change the egg,,,they still tastes the same.
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    I'd recommend you do a seach of this forum. There are quite a number of threads about the merits of washing/not washing & refrigerating/not refrigerating eggs. There isn't one right answer, you need to do some research and figure out what works best for your situation. As to fertilized/non-fertilized eggs, there is no difference in health. Some folks don't like the idea of eating fertilized eggs, but IMHO most folks wouldn't even know if it wasn't pointed out to them.
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    Don't wash the eggs or you'll be removing the natural barrier that protects the eggs from bacteria from entering through the shell. Instead, keep the boxes bedding clean. You'll be surprised how clean the eggs are. If you do get some that do have stuff on the shells, use those for yourself and wash them only just before you use them.

    Here's a link to a trial that was done by Mother Earth News about storing eggs. It was in a post elsewhere on here.

    Near the upper right corner of the screen is a search feature. I've learned a lot using it. This site is so enormous that just about anything you think of probably has already been covered.

    Good luck with the new adventure! You'll love it!
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    Have never washed eggs. Haven't had the poop on them that some experience on occasion. Still healthy after years of eating them.

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