Story Game--The Merging of the flocks

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  1. In this game, you add on to the story other people have already written.
    Person 1: the hen pecked the pullet
    Person 2: the Pullet pecked the hen back
    Follow all BYC rules
    keep it PG at the very most
    If you want a new charecter to be made, PM me
    You can use any charecter
    be somewhat realistic. Although in the story animals can talk amongst each other, they can not use magic, ect.
    your story can be any length
    Plot: The chickens' owner, known to them as TallLady aquires a batch of chicks which will be merged with the main flock when they are old enough, and conflict arises even before the two flocks are introduced. The other animals--three horses, several ducks, and three goats get involved.
    Old Flock
    Lander: a RIR rooster, Lander rarly speaks. Head of pecking order
    Olive: a friendly, boisterous easter eagger. second in pecking order
    Pinky: Olive's twin. TallLady can't tell them apart. Pinky is very athletic.
    Sugarplum: a silkie who is sweet but is just a little bit of a show-off
    Zebra: a zesty, feisty barred rock
    New flock:
    Eleanor: a smart, quiet, New hampshire pullet
    Marianne: A sweet, dramatic, Speckled sussex
    Margaret: a athletic, talkative light sussex
    Star: a spirited appaloosa mare
    Firework: Star's colt
    Moon: A pony mare
    Mr. Mallard
    Mrs. Mallard
    several others that nobody has bothered to name.
    Mocha: a female goat
    Frappachino: male goat.
    Coffee: a very young goat

    I'll start.

    TallLady returned home late that night. The chickens were already on the roost, but Moon was awake, and saw that TallLady carried a large cardboard box. Moon craned her neck and managed to glimpe the inside. Moon gasped and ran into the shed, where Star and Firework were bedded down for the night. " TallLady got chicks!" Moon cried happily.
  2. " Really?" cried Star. "how do you know?" " I saw her carry in a big boxful" Moon answered. Firework jumped up " No way!" he said " how many were there?" " I don't know" Moon said, trying to remember how many she had seen."five or six, maybe?" " YOU HORSES BE QUIET!" shouted a grouchy voice from the goat pens. " we goats are trying to sleep over here!" Star galloped over to the fence which seperated the horse pasture from the goat pens. " oh, such wonderful news!" cried Star. "TallLady has gotten more chicks!" "what's that?" said a duck from the pond, where the ducks were having an evening swim. "TallLady bought chicks? We must tell the chickens! HEY CHICKENS! TALLLADY BOUGHT SOME CHICKS FOR YOU GUYS!" The chickens were sound asleep, but this astonishing statement woke them right up.
  3. "What"? cried Sugarplum. "How wonderful" cried Zebra. "Hooray" yelled Pinky. "Oh NO!" moaned Olive. Lander looked troubled. " I wonder when we'll get to meet them"? said Zebra,only to get a glare from Olive, who said" I hope never". Pinky looked surprised "aren't chicks a good thing?" she asked. "Not if you ask me" said Sugarplum. "Let's go back to bed. We can solve this in the morning" Lander said, and with that the hens got back on the roost and fell asleep.
  4. Morning came, and the chickens awoke and almost immedetly began to argue. Pinky and Zebra were very excited about it, but Olive and Sugarplum were upset. In the meantime, in the house, in the brooder, the chicks were nestled comfortably under the red-hot heatlamp. " I wonder when we'll get to meet the big hens?" said Eleanor. Marianne shuddered " I'm scared of them"
  5. Outside the old flock was free-ranging. Zebra was talking to Mrs. Mallard about the arrival of the chicks, Sugarplum and Olive was griping to Flatfoot about the same thing, and Pinky, who was quite curious about the new chicks, was trying to catch a glimpse of them. She was sure they were in the basement, whose windows were ground-level, so she walked from one basement window to the next, trying to catch a glimpse of them, and finally she saw them, playing in thier brooder under the warmth of a heat lamp. "Pssst!" Pinky called to them, and they looked up, startled. "W-who are you?" studdered Margaret.
  6. "don't worry" Said Zebra. " My name is Zebra. What are your names?" Elanor responded in a shaky voice " I'm Elanor, She's Marrianne, and over in the corner is Margaret"
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