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    This would be in the "fun" part.
    I have this really close friend, and she can be an extraordinary writer when the mood takes to her. She has started a few small series, but now she is thinking of writing a book for real for real.

    She is kind of shy sometimes and unsure of her writing, and im trying to encourage her to write more.

    Would you mind reading what she has so far and commenting?
    Please keep in mind that religious views are not being considered in the writing of this story, and that no offense is meant to those who take it.

    Thanks so much!


    Began: November the 1st, 2008

    Many say that the existence of werewolves is no more than imagination and legend, a state of mind obtained through different acts. Others believe in the world of the loup garou.
    All across the world, there are new stories arising of werewolf appearances. Now, a new one will surface; a family protected for 300 years starting in Salem, Massachusetts from the hatred and persecution of the world was cursed as werewolves by the Devil. Now, 16 year old Ravor is faced with a choice. Obsessed by the agility he possesses and the lusting girls show for him, will he clear his family of the werewolf curse or sacrifice his blood for 300 more years of power and shelter.



    Past fables and legends say there are many ways to become a werewolf. Rubbing salves over the body, drinking various concoctions, and sipping water from the paw print of a wolf are all said to transform a person into a lycan.
    Over the past few years, there are tales of wolves attacking livestock and farmers shooting them with heavy bullets, and the shots having no effect on the beast. Strange creatures appear on the side of the road in areas where there are reports of pets, farm animals, and even people being tormented by supposed werewolves.
    In old times, these stories were different, including people who viewed their friends and neighbors standing alone and transforming into a massive wolf. Shapeshifters had the ability to turn into a variety of animals, including the wolf, with ease. Skinwalkers, being a type of shapeshifter, would use the animal’s skin to turn into its form.
    It is said today that these people exist that can transform themselves into wolf form, while there is also belief that you can become cursed to be a werewolf.
    Beyond the legend, there are those that live in pure belief that werewolves are real.

    Chapter 1- Desperate Sacrifice

    It was the year of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. A mass hysteria broke out, and people were being executed, and hung under the accusations that they were witches. Two young girls began it all, with flails and cries no one understood. They blamed their acts on neighbors, people that were friendly and had done no harm. But the only thing that could explain their movement and yells was witchcraft, and over 20 innocent souls were killed.

    It was a slightly chilly day in Salem, some people upset by the events the past year had brought up. But they had to erase it from their minds and focus on the new day, reports of the girls had gotten worse during the night. Their strange antics had increased, with growls and clawing those that held them down. It had been announced for all villagers to show in courthouse this evening. Those arriving a bit late walked in on a hectic scene, with the girls erupting in their fits again.

    A woman walked quietly in, closing the door with little notice, and standing in the back of the room due to the fact that she was more than ten minutes late. She was in her early twenties, a short, thin woman with brown hair to her shoulders. She wore a flowing white gown with a red mid-section to it, and crossed her arms in front of her. Green eyes darted around the room, confusion erupting in her mind.
    Just a week earlier her own husband had been accused as a wizard, and also as one who had fed the devil so that he may visit one of the girls. There had been a purple spot on his shin, where the men judging him said the devil had latched on to grow in his strength. A woman, once a friend to the quiet couple, told the court that he had commanded the devil to feed and then attack the girls, killing them and ending this insanity once and for all. She spoke to all the people with a rising voice, saying she had viewed it for herself.

    Little did they know, he had been chopping down a tree and when he came for a swing, the back of the ax hit him with a great force and left the bruise there. His leg was swollen, and it ached.

    The girl, Abigail Williams, had spoken as well, screeching that the Devil had bade her to sign his book, turning over her soul. This worsened the case of the man, who cried that he was not guilty of witchcraft let alone the Devil coming to the girl.

    The woman now standing there alone in the back of the court, had watched them hang her husband. The last person he lay his eyes on were her, muttering the words “I‘m innocent”. She would never forget it, for she had loved him dearly and every night now she was forced to cry in her mourning. She had no one left to vouch for her.
    Distracted in her thoughts, she had been staring towards the girls. Now as she woke from her trance, one of the girls was gazing wide eyed at her. All heads turned to face Betty quickly when she began having spasms, clawing herself madly across the floor.

    The one man who was in charge of the torture of these now 25 lost lives, Sheriff George Corwin, ran and grasped the girl in his arms.

    He was the one who would bring the accused into his own home and try to force from them the words, “I am guilty.” Those who did not confess would end up dead, and those who did eventually were freed.

    He was the man who had innocent old Giles Corey stripped naked and laid in a pit, crushed until death by stones. When the man’s tongue hung from his mouth, he shoved his cane forward and put Corey’s tongue back into his mouth.

    But now he was not in charge of torture, he was the one that shook the girl and begged for her to name the one that was doing this to her.

    “Who is harming you? Answer me!”

    The girl shook, jerking in his arms like a freshly caught fish. Her eyes narrowed and she gazed towards the woman standing there by herself again. She began to scream.
    “It was her! That woman whose wretched husband tried to kill me!”

    She eventually got away from Sheriff Corwin and stood, pointing at the woman so that all heads turned away from the girl and to this woman. A few squinted, wondering why the girl was pointing to a woman who barely spoke and whose caring was so great that she could not stand for a man to kill an animal before her eyes, and would make them vegetable meals instead.

    Corwin walked forward, past Abigail, with a step that quickened as he got closer.

    “Emily Worchester, come forth! You are hereby under investigation by accusations of witchcraft!”

    The woman shrunk back against the door, eyes locked on the man who seemed to grow larger as he walked faster. Her hands reached out behind her, trying to find the knob.

    Please, please, I beg of even the Devil himself to let me out!

    Without speaking the words out loud, she pleaded within her head for the chance of escape. She had witnessed the lives being taken, and heard of others who died in jail. She knew she would never confess, and would end up being killed.

    “Someone stop her!” George Corwin cried out. A few men stood and came behind him, racing to grab the woman.

    Abigail and her cousin, Betty Parris, stood there smiling. Betty was the other one of the girls that had started this chaos. While Abigail was 11 and Betty was 8, and it seemed strange that they clearly understood the effect their acts had upon the court. The innocence of a child gave them power.

    Abigail stared at the woman, who looked back frantically.

    “You will not escape Emily,” she mouthed, voice silent.

    Corwin and his followers were about 5 feet away, and Emily struggled.

    Curse you door, open!

    She fell backward, but recovered herself from the stumble, as the door swung back. After putting it all together in her mind that she was now outside and must get away, Emily held her dress up and ran. Her aim was to go through Salem’s small village and into the woods. Her hair flew behind her as she continued on. From a young age she had possessed great speed, and it came to her aid.

    She heard the Sheriff and a complete mob of angered people coming after her, but was confident she could make it. She steered straight ahead without turning around and became excited to see that she had only 3 more houses to pass and then she would be in the shelter of the trees.

    A sudden movement startled her, causing her to fall backwards. Someone had came from the side of one of the houses and grabbed her, clasping a hand over her mouth and yanking her back into the shadows. She flailed and screamed, but her voice was muted and her arms were restrained behind her back by a powerful grip.

    She looked up to see a man of medium height and large build staring down at her. Both his eyes and his hair were as dark as the night that approached and left little light to escape by. His head was covered by a black hat, and his body covered in a large black cloak.

    “Stop struggling, they’ll hear you,” he whispered. Frustration could be detected in his voice.

    She was confused for the moment at why he said “you” and not “us.” But her mind was not on his grammar, it was on getting away. She eventually struggled until he let go of his clamp over her mouth.

    “Who are you?” she breathed heavily.
    She kept on until she finally caught her breath. The man spun Emily around so she faced him, and so that he stared at her with cold eyes.

    “That is none of your concern at the moment. What is your concern, is how you escape.”

    “How did you…,“ her eyes widened.

    He cut her off in the middle of her disbelief. “Quickly! You have two choices. One is to leave right now.”

    She began to struggle against his hold with only one hand on both of her arms.

    “Stop that! You haven’t even heard the second choice! Now, your second choice. You can escape here in the form of a wolf, and be protected. You will be fast, steady, and unnoticed while you run through those trees.”

    Her wanting to leave suddenly ceased as she became interested in his proposal.

    So he is telling me that he can turn me into a wolf and I can escape? But that is witchcraft!

    Her mind raced with the thought.

    Maybe he wants me to admit that I would like that, and really he is one of the court who will have me hung for that desire to let him cast a spell upon me.
    His voice interrupted her contemplation on his past words. He let go of her arms and put a hand on each shoulder, shaking her.

    “Listen to me!” his voice was still a whisper, but more urgent.

    “In order to become a wolf, you will be cursed. You will depend on the meat and blood of both humans, and animals to live. On each full moon, you will be at the peak of violence and destruction, and therefore you will take more lives. Though you will be able to turn into a wolf whenever you like, your children and their children and even their children for 300 years will be cursed under the same fate. They will loose friends, lovers, and perhaps children due to either their own rage, or to hunters. All the males with the wolf curse that sleep with many woman will create many young wolves. In the year 1992, the curse will fade.”

    Emily gazed at the man, not understanding what he said once more. Yet now, there was no time for even a second of thought, as Corwin’s voice could be heard in the distance.

    “Find her or you will be hanging at the gallows your own selves!”

    She shook her head, impatient tears streaming down her cheeks.

    “I don’t understand, who are you?”
    “I will tell you after you give me your answer,“ the man grinned, the corners of his mouth stretching.

    “Ok, fine. I choose option two, anything to get me away from this place. I do not want to be killed!”

    Her eyes darted around the corner of the house, at the voices that were getting closer and closer. The man nodded with a deep laugh, and pushed her away for a moment.

    “I, Satan, give you the power of the wolf and curse you, Emily Worchester and all your family. for 300 years!”

    She saw a blur as he came forward, and she felt a pain going through her right arm after she held it up to block him as he rushed forward. Blood dripped in front of her face, and her vision began to get hazy. When she could finally piece together the fact that the Devil had just put a curse on her, she was now a wolf, and that he had slashed her arm with some form of a blade, it was too late. She saw the man walking away slowly, looking back once.

    “Don’t forget me, and in case you were wondering,” He smiled, giving a pause that made her wonder, “you are pregnant.“

    He left her there, turning and walking away with grace. His majestic black cloak whipped within a harsh wind that had suddenly came over Salem. Somewhere in the distance, a storm was brewing. She screamed after him but her voice was confused within the howl of a wolf.

    No! He tells lies, I am not bearing a child!

    Emily’s body twisted, more violent than the actions both Abigail and Betty had shown combined. She felt her flesh crawling, and watched weakly as long black hair sprouted on her skin. Her ears burned and she reached up to grasp them as if it would stop the pain. The course hair was growing there as well, and her ears were much larger, pointed even.

    Finally Corwin rounded the corner, stopping in his tracks at the sight of a horrid beast. The other men were shocked, and the few women that had followed gasped and talked among themselves. A fearless man burst through the crowd holding up a gun. There was no expression on his face as he planned to make a meal of this thing. Corwin put his hand on the gun and shoved it down to point at the ground.

    “No, don’t shoot it. This may be the creation of one of the witches. Maybe we can hold it against them as….”

    His voice was cut short when more gasps arose, for the creature that now was Emily stood on four legs and snarled at them. Bright red gums and sharp canines were exposed, with no intent whatsoever of being friendly.

    She lunged towards Corwin a few paces making the villagers jump backwards. Their fright pleased her, seeing as they were all killers who needed to be killed themselves. But she knew it was not worth putting wolves, such beautiful creatures, in harm’s way for years to come as the animal that was friend to witch and foe to God.

    The same mysterious green eyes looked around for an exit, and finally the solid black she-wolf took off into the woods past a group of small children.

    Over the months to come she learned what power she had, and how well her senses had increased. She starved for a short while until she figured out the ways of hunting like a wolf. On full moons, she prospered, and her stomach was content and filled the next day.

    6 months later she had the child. She had remember a loving final moment in bed with her husband, realizing that this was the moment she had become pregnant. It was a little he-wolf, with blue eyes and tan skin.

    When in wolf form, he was quick like his mother, and his coat was gray. From the beginning of his life he was an expert hunter, maintaining control of his abilities.

    When the boy was twelve, they traveled together across the country in secrecy. Eventually they found a small town on the other side of the Americas and were accepted by a church. Their control of the power kept the events in Salem hidden, though over time people in the town would mysteriously be found dead.

    The boy would go on to spawn new werewolf children with women from other places in the country during his travels. His mother disappeared when he was nineteen years old, striking him to set out on his own with nothing but thanks to those people of the church who had no idea what kind of man they had raised. He knew what he was, and later learned that his kind was called “werewolf.” All of his children he taught this name to.

    The events in Salem were vowed to be kept hidden, and were never recorded. It was dismissed as nothing but a wandering, rabid wolf.

    Satan’s curse was kept, and as was promised it lasted 300 years.
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    Also, for those of you who were wondering or dont know, she is basing this story both on legends and real events.

    The Salem witch trial as well as all the characters so far ( excluding the "Satan" and the mom and son werewolves ) were real ppl.

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