straight run or female ducklings??? please help


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May 16, 2012
Hermiston, OR
right now i have 12 ducklings 1 is about 6 weeks and the other 11 are about 3 weeks old. i think that the 6 week old is a male the rest i have no clue they were mixed ducks straight run from metzer's. should i order more mixed ducks that are female or will they all be alright during matting season?
if you have an idea please let me know


8 Years
I would wait and see what you have in the 11 before you order more. With 12 ducks it would be ideal to have about 2 males -- maybe 3 depending on the breed. Any more than 3 drakes and your ducks will suffer during the breeding season. You can tell by voice when they are about 6 weeks old, and that is when I would try to rehome the extras.

Think hard about whether you really want more ducks right now. Twenty some ducks is a lot and they create a lot of mess. It would be easier to rehome the extra boys, and then get more ducks next year after you are sure you want that many more . . .

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