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Oct 24, 2011
Mount Gilead, Ohio
Hello, I have a 12 week old chicken who I noticed today to have a white pasty-like butt. I brought her in and immediately put her in a warm bath to loosen what I thought was built-up crud on her butt. I soon discovered that the other youngsters have been picking at her butt and it is scarred pretty badly. I cleaned her up and she is continuing to strain. I gloved my hand and used some vaseline to try to feel around and she had a small bowel movement after I removed my finger. I am really worried about her, she is straining so hard that a white liquid is continually dripping from her vent. Any suggestions would be helpful, I just don't want to see her strain herself to death. Thank you.


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
I would separate her into a crate, and bring her inside to protect her from flystrike and maggots. Try some warm epsom salt soaks just up to her wings daily, and after drying her, put some Nustock cream on the vent. I would get her on some probiotics, or give her a small amount of buttermilk daily. Add 1ounce of ACV to a gallon of her water daily--that is twice the strength normally used, but better for treatment of possible vent gleet. A vet might prescribe fluconazole or nystatin for vent gleet, or you could see how she is in a few days.

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