Strang dark membran on egg hatching at 26 day!


Jun 13, 2022
Hello first post! Ive been doing some searching on here but haven't came across any similar posts! 26 days ago i put 15 liege fighters in my incubator and like expected on day 21 threw day 22 we had 11 beautiful chicks hatch no issues! I have been so excited to add this breed to our flock and after doing some searching, i saw advice from multiple people saying to at least give eggs to day 25 before giving up on them. So yesterday we prepared to dispose of the 3 unhatched eggs and to our surprise seen what looked like a beating heart in 2 of the eggs. Upon checking on them this morning 1 of the 3 eggs started to hatch the strange part is the molasses glue like goo that came out of the pip and the membrane that i can see is a very dark color so far the pip is only 4 to 5mm in diameter i can see the chick breathing when looking through the hole! Is there any action i can take at this point to help this baby hatch safely?


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Moving and stretching i decided to help chip away the shell the rest of the layer under the shell im thinking the outer membran is white and leathery like a snake egg i could clearly see the chick stretching under the membrane but haven't seen any movement since! Update for today it seems the chick passed some time this morning! I still have one more egg that is out of the same group and can see movement in it when candling im hopefully that the same thing wont happen to this one it is currently at day 27 of incubation!
I guess its a possibility but the egg is exactly like the other 14 that was with this batch. This is our second time incubating eggs the first time using the Nurture Right 360! 15 chicks hatched rigth on time at 21/22 days. 11 chicks that hatched were from Belgian Liege Fighter breed they are fairly large for chicken eggs the other 3 that hatched are White leghorn and one other is unknown what breed.

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