strange activity of chick--gaping mouth


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9 Years
Jun 25, 2010
We have a chick that is about 3 weeks old and seems to be eating and drinking fine and looks healthy, but quite often it opens its mouth wide like it is trying to either gasp for air or make some kind of noise, but no noise comes out. Does anybody have an idea of what this may be and if I need to do anything. Thanks! :)
me too my3 week old on any chick is doing the same she's been doing it for about a week somebody please help!
Mine did that periodically around that age. It often seemed to be related to being to hot. Kind of looked like they were going to throw up. But I also noticed that they would often go eat some grit. And then it would stop. Not sure if its of concern or not. They are now 7 weeks and don't do it.

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