Strange Behavior from my Top Hat

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    Oct 5, 2012
    We have an adorable top hatter named BettleJuice. We so enjoy this chicken- but I am getting very concerned. BettleJuice was picked on in our main coop so we moved him (at least we think it is a him) to our "toddler" coop with some EE's. Initially all was fine. Then after a few weeks we started losing our young EE's- generally one a day. Given the changes in weather, we thought that might be the issue. Well, after many losses we decided to move BettleJuice back out of the "toddler" coop and into the bigger coop- we got rid of two roosters in our big coop so felt it was a better place. Once BettleJuice was removed we stopped losing EE's. Then, over the weekend, somehow he got back into the EE's coop (I think he snuck in when my youngest went to feed in the afternoon). Next day, we lose another EE.

    Has anyone ran into a chicken that appears to kill other young/younger chickens? My EE's are about the same size as BettleJuice- maybe slightly larger. Obviously I need a solution or idea what is going on with this top hatter.

    Thanks in advance. BettleJuice is below (I think)


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