Strange behavior has me worried

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8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
My 1 year old EE Dottie is acting very strange and I cant' seem to find any information on here that matches her description. I just went out to change out their water and add to their food and she was very agitated. Her wings were slightly out, tail down and she was pacing. Then went up to the nesting box and roost area and started scratching like crazy on the floor, in and out of the nesting box, back down again, not eating or drinking. Her beak was open this whole time, like she was trying to squawk but coudn't make a sound. Then, upon closer inspection it seems that her earlobes are turning white (they're usually bright red) and her comb is pale. Anyone have advice? It's very hot here today - 90 degrees - when it's been in the 60's and 70's but like I said, she's not thirsty.
It almost sounds like heat prostration. Are they able to get out of the sun to a shady area? Try to cool her down.

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