strange behaviors between breeds

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    We have 4 red star, 5 white leghorns, and an EE that are all 11 weeks old now. One of the white leghorns got her head caught in a fence and tore open a big gash the end of last week. We took her out of the coop and put her in the heated green house in a cage by herself, cleaned up the wound, and sprayed it with blue cote. After the wound formed a big scab and we let it heal for a few days we put her back in with the others. It didn't go very well as she was pecked at and started bleeding again. So again we put her by herself and sprayed everything with blue cote. Two days later we put her back in again and watched her pretty carefully.

    The strange thing is that the other little white birds ignored the big blue spot on the back of her head entirely and treated her as if nothing was wrong at all. Three of the four red stars, however, immediately started chasing her and trying to peck at the spot as did the EE. The other red star was also oblivious to the wound and left her alone. Luckily, she's a spunky little bird and has avoided any pecks from any of the other birds. [​IMG]

    We just can't figure out why the red stars and the EE seem to notice the big blue spot and the others are oblivious to it? Any ideas?

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