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    Oct 5, 2012
    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but would appreciate some help.
    I have 6 chooks, they are a year and a half old and I have raised them from eggs. Today one of my chickens is acting strange.When I went into the backyard, the other 5 came running for their scraps, but Lucy didn't come. I went around the corner to find her, and she was standing there with her mouth open. I checked the water, because i've seen them with their mouths open on hot days, but the water supply is plentiful and a nice cool temperature. I went and got a piece of bread (a treat that they just LOVE) and she had a little peck, but did not fight the others for it like she usually would. She is just standing there with her mouth open.
    I have noticed that we have been 1 egg down for the past 2 days, so i think she hasn't layed in 2 days, and she does look a little puffier than normal. The other chooks are all their normal happy selves. Can you please help me? What do you think could be wrong with her?
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    There are several possibilities. She could be eggbound. She could be an internal layer or have a tumor. She could be in need of worming, or she could have a lice / mites infestation. It could be something she ate, something moldy or poisonous or sharp. I'm sure there are other possibilities.

    You can read about eggbound hens on our FAQ page above, or do a search. If you have not wormed them, I would suggest Valbazen as it is broad spectrum and relatively easy on their system. Do check for lice / mites first, if you don't do this routinely already.

    I'll give you a few links which I hope will help. Good luck!

    Egg bound

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