Strange Body Type in Project Orpingtons

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Parrot Beak Aseel, USA project has began.
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Hello, has anyone here that, have had odd body types pop up in their breeding projects/programs?

I have this body type that has popped up twice so far. Once with the father, & with his Daughter.

The only way I can describe the body type, is Gamefowl like. Slender, muscular, & upright, lacks a rump, high tail set, & long legs.

Father, F2 Project Wheaten Crele Orpington.
Daughter, F3 Backcross
Breeds used for the project:

Buff Orpingtons


Barred Rocks
#1. Parent Cross, or F0: Buff Orpington/Barred Rock, Rooster.

#2. Parent Cross, or F0: Buff Orpington/Australorp, Hen

F1's: Son, & Daughter: Buff Orpington/Barred Rock X Buff Orpington/Australorp

F2's: Son, & 2 daughters. Son produced odd chick.

F3: Odd Pullet, produced from back crossing Father to Buff Orpington hen.
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I'm currently working on purifying my Orpingtons. I'm technically 4 generations in, & Back Crossing back to Orpingtons with the 4th generation being the back cross offspring.

If I counted the parent crosses as F1s, it would make myF3s, F4s instead.
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Just to be clear I have 1 Parent cross left in the group, & that's a Buff Orpington/Australorp cross.

The rest of my project group consists of: F1s, & F2s.
The F3s aren't at breeding age yet, so I'm not counting them into the group yet.
I have 1 Buff Orpington/Heritage Plymouth Barred Rock cross that was an accident. He's getting culled, he's no use for the project yet. Gonna be using the Heritage Plymouth Barred Rocks for better barring, correcting comb, body shape, tail shape, & tail angle.

He gives a good sample, & has the perfect shape.
None of the breeds I used have this body shape, so it has to be something from the ancestry. Primarily the Orpingtons, since the back crossing to Buff Orpington produced it a second time.
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One Mystery Boy. Gonna be test breeding him before culling. He was produced by Back Crossing to Buff Orpington also.
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