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    Aug 1, 2015
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    Anybody know what would cause this? It is hard boiled. Second one in the last week or so. Appeared normal in shell. The egg white on this egg is green. It was fresh, not old. None of the other eggs were like that. 1522784470713948978467.jpg
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    I really don't know :confused:

    I did find out the "green" around the yolk is usually due to overcooking
    but.....yours is on the white! So.....more searching:D
    I found this
    ""Green whites
    Greenish color in egg whites is usually due to riboflavin (vitamin B2), that is a desirable component. So there is nothing wrong with greenish whites that are most frequently observed in fresh, high-quality eggs."""

    But.....when you crack one of your fresh eggs is the white also tinted a little green?
    I do wonder if it's the way the egg is sitting when you boil it and it's not the iron from the yolk reacting to the hydrogen sulfide in the white?

    Still not quite sure at all why you have had this 2times. Experiment and see if you can get a whole pot to do it - that would be interesting:)
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    The only thing to remember is: If you crack your green egg into a pan, and the white spreads out over the entire pan, it's probably rotten. :lau

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