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    Jun 3, 2016
    Can anyone give me a few pointers about a poo problem one of my chickens is having? We recently (two weeks) acquired two chickens which we are letting free range in our small back garden. We got them at point of lay. One of them is yet to lay and seems fine but the other one has been suffering from increasingly bad diarrhoea. It started off brown and squirty and is now white and milky. This morning, after I let her out, the path was covered in it. She does seem to have bouts of it and has now had a couple of normalish poos. I've been treating them both for worms but it's getting worse. She is on layers pellets and the odd handful of corn. I am putting apple vinegar in her water and verm -x. I've tried giving her a little yoghurt. She is also eating a lot of worms and slugs and seems fine in herself. Any ideas? Should I take her to the vets?

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    Welcome to BYC.

    How is your weather where you are?
    What is "verm-x" ?
    The poo could be from hot weather, change in diet, medications, and/or environment since they are new acquired.
    You can take a fecal sample to your local vet to have it tested, that may give you some insight.
    Provide fresh cold water a couple of times a day, especially in hot weather.

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