Strange duck behavior--Is my duck sick?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TwoDogFarm, Aug 30, 2014.

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    I've noticed some odd behavior from one of my female Khakis for the past few days and I'm worried about her. I've seen her a few times arch her body and push her tail under her. She then proceeds to flap out her wings and put the tips to the ground like she's using them for balance. When she did this today, one of my drakes mounted her, so I wondered if this was some kind of mating behavior, but I've never seen her or any of the other females do this before.

    But in addition to this, she seems to be isolating herself from the other ducks. She's usually right there playing and running around with all 15 of my other ducks, but I've seen her several times over the past few days just laying by herself or in a corner with my two Khaki drakes nearby. They seem to be the only ones really near her. Tonight when I went to get the eggs, she was laying in the dog igloo by herself and didn't move. I reached in and she let me pet her which never happens. She usually runs from me. I also noticed tonight that she had a clear liquid coming from one of her eyes to her nose.

    I put her in a little cage inside of the big coop for tonight until I can figure out what's wrong with her. Any ideas? This is one of my special ducks and I don't want to lose her.
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    She could have an infection. She could be egg bound. She could be both.

    Give her some time (up to an hour) to float in lukewarm water, watch her closely. Very gently feel around the vent and up toward the belly - anything feel like an egg in there? Sometimes the lukewarm water treatment helps them relax and let go of a stuck egg. Increasing calcium helps quite a bit and can cause egg binding. I use calcium gluconate 23% solution to add to feed and treats if a duck needs a boost.

    A good duck vet would be best. If you cannot get a vet's help, you need to decide if you think it is an infection and get her on some antibiotics.

    Ducks hide sickness very well. By the time they show symptoms, time is running out.

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