Strange duck eggs?? Is something wrong?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jen1979, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Jen1979

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    Is it common for ducks to lay strange eggs when they first start to lay? I'm worried we're doing something wrong :(

    Our runner ducks have just started laying in the last week. We're getting some normal looking eggs but some strange ones.

    At least half have been huge double yolkers, these all look fine though. In the last 2 days there have been some odd eggs laid right out in the open next to a water bucket. One normal sized soft shell egg, one really small soft shelled one and one very dark coloured one with white powdery stuff all over it (see pic)

    I'm giving them a bowl with layer crumble (same as we give our chickens) and a bowl of their duck grower crumble we were feeding them up till now (we have a drake as well and I wasn't sure if it was ok to give him the layer crumble). They also free range in the backyard for about 12 hours a day. I've given them some crushed egg shells, but they're not interested. I'm going to get some duck layer pellets and oyster she'll tomorrow, but am I doing something wrong? I'm a bit worried about them :(

  2. Miss Lydia

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    It's very normal to find an odd egg when they first start to lay, they usually work it out pretty quick, adding oyster shell will help and they will eat it as needed. I use layer and cracked corn mixed together so my drakes rooster and gander don't get so much calcium. then put out oyster shell as extra calcium for my girls, Hopefully your girls will get the kinks worked out pretty quick. That last egg is really strange looking. lol
  3. Jen1979

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    Thanks Miss Lydia! I will get them some cracked corn and oyster shell with the layer crumble today then!

    There were two normal looking eggs in the correct laying spot today so hopefully they're working it out! Someone's still laying double yolkers though, one of them today was huge!
  4. charlindabob

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    Jan 25, 2009
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    What Miss Lydia said is right on. Some of the first eggs do look odd and may have a rubber like "shell".
  5. Jen1979

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    I'm so relieved to know it's not too abnormal, phew! The rubbery duck eggs are so different to the soft shelled chicken eggs I've had - they're almost like one of those stress balls you can squeeze!
  6. Miss Lydia

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    Yes they are but don't squeeze one. lol.... if you get some cracked corn mix you layer and it 70/30 that should be enough to keep the calcium lower for your drake and adding the oyster shell on the side the girls can use it as needed.
  7. Jen1979

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    Hehe yeah I started playing with the soft shells and then thought better of it....I pictured exactly what would happen next :D

    Thanks for all your info, I've mixed up the food and put the shell in another spot on it's own for them, hopefully they will be nice and happy :)
  8. ChaoticRogue14

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    Aug 28, 2014
    Hi! I don't mean to get off topic or take away from the original question, but I couldn't figure out how to start a new thread because I'm on my phone.
    I have two ducks, a rouen and a pekin. Today I found eggs in the nest and I was just wondering which was laying them. I took a picture of them.
    they're about the size of a large chicken's egg and they're creamy brown as you can see in the image.
    Again, sorry if I'm taking away from Jen's post.
  9. Miss Lydia

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    Beautiful eggs, I believe Pekin lay a white egg but sometimes when ducks first begin to lay their eggs can be a differnet color then change as they have laid for a while. like my Muscovy's sometimes when starting up lay a khaki colored egg then it changes to beige. Maybe just be your Rouen though hard to say.
  10. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life

    When you start feeding this mix and you noticed their eggs still aren't hard you might need to add more layer to the mix, Some say feeding males layer won't hurt them It's controversial .

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