Strange egg?


10 Years
Aug 17, 2011
Cleveland, Tx
I'm not really sure what this is. I assume it's the beginning of her laying career. I heard the egg song from my girl with the broken leg this morning. She's in my livingroom in a crate. I ran out to see if she had laid her first egg and this is what I found. She keeps looking at her rear, but did pass a normal poo shortly after the mystery mess. To me, it looks like a quarter sized drop of white excrement with some canned tomato and a small side of yolk. I know they can pass small pieces of tissue but this is all new to me. Is this normal for pullets? I'm just marginally freaked out by it, but she's acting fine other than she's a little more talkative than normal. A couple of my others outside have started laying.. I look at poo everyday and have not seen anything even close to this.
Hopefully you are correct, it's the beginning of her laying career. Lots of odd things can happen, especially in the first month or so. Good luck!

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