Strange Growth - Can anyone tell me what this is please?


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10 Years
Oct 10, 2009
I have no idea what it is! A wart? It is definitely skin, not a bug - I went back out to check again and take this photo.
She is molting right now and I dusted her for lice yesterday because I found one under her wing.
When looking her over today I discovered this strange little bump on her lower back above her tail base. She has always been very healthy
and a great layer and doesn't act any differently. Should I be worried? Thankyou for helping!

BTW - thanks to everyone hear for the great tips on treating lice! I am a fairly new chicken owner and I learn so many things here.
Thank GOD!!!!!!! Oh, you made me so happy! I worry sick over these darn chickens! I was thinking how can I sleep tonight worrying about this mystery bump!??? Cancer? A tick? Some horrible chicken disease I haven't heard of yet?!! Well, Thanks so much for your speedy response! Have a wonderful weekend.
I tried one of my other girls but I guess in my panic I didn't find the right spot - plus she wasn't being as cooperative.
I posted asking about the same thing like 6 months ago! I thought my australorp had cancer or a tick or something! Glad I'm not the only one.

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