Strange Help Please

Shady Oak Farm

May 2, 2015
Tonight when I arrived home I went out to check on some young hens I have in a large metal create in the yard. And for the second night I found one of our regular hens had again not gone in to the hen house. Tonight it is raining. We put her in the hen house last night. I don't like her in the rain. She can also be snapped up by predators. I don't know what to think except worry about her all night. All other behavior has been normal today.

Please help...
I do unless i visually see predators around. She is the only one. She's also normally VERY broody. My husband and son think she is watching the new babies. She is not standing close to them. I went out and got her from the rain. Shaking a little. It's not cold here but she was pretty wet. I locked them in for the night again like last night. Just worry about her. Couldn't bare to think she could get sick or worse out there tonight. Still at a loss as to this behavior. is strange. Sounds like she’s being forced out by the others. If she’s the lowest in the pecking order that could explain some of it. She may be choosing to stay out rather than take abuse at roosting time. It’s odd that she doesn’t seek some type of shelter. I would check her for injuries and possibly parasites. If she’s has something like lice I have heard of the flock turning against a infested bird. Look her over real well. Head to toe. Front to back. Right down to the skin. Take your time and investigate. If you examine her on something white it’s helpful in seeing tiny pale colored parasites. A towel or paper. Best wishes
Ok tomorrow I'll check her really good. She was missing allot of feathers for a while but those are coming in really really good. So I thought no one was picking on her. I got rid of two roos a while back that I thought were to ruff they were mean to most of them. So she was doing so much better. I'm going to move the babies in to the hen house soon. If she checks out tomorrow I may put her in with them at night maybe. Thank you guys. I am so thankful to have people that understand the struggle of chickens. And are available to help.

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