Strange hen behavior! HELP!!


11 Years
Jan 11, 2009
Ok, I'll try to make a long story short here. I have an Americauna hen I bought this winter. I got two and one died. When the one died the rest of my flock started really picking on the new girl, so after a few months of this not getting better I decided to give her away. I gave her to a guy just starting with chickens. He got a Maran hen to be her companion and they were doing great for several months until he got some 12 wk old chicks. He thinks she went broody because she stopped laying stopped eatingand got very mean. Drew blood on all the chicks, the man and chased down his Corgi in attack mode. I went and got her back and thought she would do better in my flock now that I have a bunch of different age and sized birds now. BUT she was attacked by one of my 9 week old maybe roosters. Now SHE is the one with a bloody face. Do some chickens just never fit in? Does this sound like broody behavior? And how should I deal with her? She has been very friendly and non-aggressive toward me.

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