Strange, inactive behaviour?

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  1. olymps1

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    Jan 11, 2015
    Hi there :D

    One of our chooks has been displaying strange behaviours over the past few days. I noticed this about 3 days ago when she wouldn't leave her nesting box with the other chooks. Around 2pm or 3pm I let the chooks out via the back door (we have two doors, one leading into our back yard and one leading into a fenced off area in our yard) on the henhouse and usually they're up and ready to go. However, one of our chooks refused to budge and I had to carry her out via the lift up roof. The chook displaying these behaviours is probably the slowest of the group and in general it takes a bit for her to realise i've opened the door and all the other chooks have left.
    Except, for the past 3 days she has refused to move and I've noticed that she is eating and drinking less. She's still laying eggs and there hasn't been anything wrong with the eggs. Where we live, it's currently summer which means the hen house becomes rather warm, and from time to time she begins panting. She doesn't immediately look sickly but she becomes very still and sullen if you go near her, which isn't normal behaviour as she normally runs away or tries to slip past your grasp.
    Does anyone know what might be wrong with her? I'm resorting to simply carrying her out of the hen house. I have tried to do research on the topic but nothing has shown up.
    Thanks in advance!
    (note; i was wondering if i could figure out what was wrong before having to pay for a checkup to the vet, but if nothing works of course I'll take her for a checkup)
  2. olymps1

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    Jan 11, 2015
    I have forgotten to mention that when we take her out of the hen house and place her in this area near out creek which is quite cool and shady and usually has running water, she eventually makes her way up and returns back to the hen house. I found this most concerning.
    Our backyard is quite large and has many trees and bushes for shade, but if she is overheating she hasn't been bothered to seek shade amongst the plants.
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    She may be going broody. Don't worry, if still laying. and appears to be healthy. And
  4. ThePRfan

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    Sep 27, 2014
    If she's remaining back to the nest,she may be broody.

    Is she meowing at you,cackling at you?Is her stomach bone bare?

    Broodies don't eat much.Don't worry chickens go about 3 or 4 weeks without both food,and water.


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