Strange nesting locations


Oct 7, 2017
Hey guys, just a fun little thread here. So, for about a week now I was so confused as to where the duck eggs were going. They usually just lay them outside in the mud because they don't like sleeping in the nesting box we have for them so when i stopped finding them, i thought that maybe we had rats that were eating them.

I found 13 today! Next to the fence of one of my runs there is a sheet of plastic covering pinned up against the wall to shelter them from the cold and rain. It turns out they'd gotten behind that and made a little nest! It really made me laugh they'd dragged straw down there and dug a little hole!

So, quick question, have your chickens or ducks ever nested in a really strange location?


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It is usually Easter every other day for me. Lately they have usually been using the brooder box I have set up for an expected incoming order of chicks which is a large dog air transport case that has fresh hay in it. Some days those guys send us hunting especially if I leave the grass tall then we have to try to use our egg song echo locating skills to find them.
My rooster noticed the goose was keeping her eggs (and I was taking theirs). So he gathers the girls at her nest and talked them into using it, even covering the eggs as the goose did. He did not know I was watching,,, the goose nest was near a window in the living room.

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