Strange noise


May 11, 2015
Hello, I have 3 warren hens. My hens often make a very loud high pitched noise over and over again. Over the last couple of day they've been making this noise first thing in the morning waking my household and neighbours!

They have access to food and water and seem very healthy.

This video is almost exactly the noise they make -


Why do they keep making this noise? What does it mean?
Thank you 1muttsfan. After googling "egg song" it does seem to be the same call. I didn't check for an egg in the nest at the time but I will make sure to check next time she makes the same noise.

I wish she wouldn't do it so early!

Again thanks for your post.
Does sound like the egg song. But, as Wise Blooie suggests, the song can be about more than eggs. Those chickens are on high alert, most likely having seen something that they interpret as a predator.
Some hens just really like to brag and are far more noisy than any rooster! :) A couple of my girls are very vocal about their egg laying and sometimes the rooster even joins in. Maybe someone will have some ideas for getting them to wait a bit to lay.

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