Strange symptons after prolapse, advice needed


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Hi, I'm new to this forum after finding it when my chicken prolapsed.
It was 2 weeks ago, when I went out in a rush just before school to give them water and food, I noticed as one of the hens was standing up an egg was falling out and the other chickens were pecking, obviously was I shocked and quickly pulled her out, to find well as I put it her ass hanging out, later to find the more well known name.
I called my grandad and we took her to the vet, where I quickly learnt how to put her insides back in, (quite an interesting skill to have), I later went to school, it was interesting reason for being late but I'm not the most normal 16 year old.
After three days, alot of rubber gloves, some painkillers and antibiotics, she was fixed, but recently including yesterday we have noticed she has been laying but not fully formed eggs instead the egg white and yolk followed by a white small crinkled wet piece which I assume is unformed shell.

Is there a risk of infection?
Is everything in order inside of her?
Does she need a vet?
Do I need to look at changing her diet?(she is given layer pellets and corn, with sweetcorn, rice and pasta being a treat)

P.S. she does get bullied and so sometimes I feed her seperately but she seems more inclined to eat if I crush the pellets up with water to make a mash.
Oh and also shes an ex bat.

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