Strange tasting eggs!!!


16 Years
May 17, 2007
Since we moved I have only two bantams and they are not taking care of our egg needs
so I found a local lady who is selling her eggs. BUT we have found that her eggs have a very strong smell and unpleasant taste.... they are lovely and fresh but I have to 'dilute' the flavour with store bought eggs!!! What do you think may be causing this? We have had chickens for years and they have eaten all kinds of things and I have never had eggs like this! The lady did say that she feeds her own feed - could it be some imbalance in the feed and if so what? Would like to help her out if I can as she needs the money but I can't eat those eggs... The yolks are VERY dark orange - almost like a blood orange. Ideas anyone?
Lots of cabbage can affect taste of eggs.... moderate amounts as treat OK. Garlic & onion should be avoided. Also, feeding flax seed can give eggs a fishy taste.
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Thanks, I am going to ask her if any of those are culprits.... otherwise I'll just find someone else to get eggs from ... until I can get my own flock up and running again. I hate not having my own chickens ....
My friend was feeding her chickens rabbit pellets. Makes the eggs taste awful! Almost taste moldy. Ask if she is feeding alfalfa.
These have almost a chemical smell and strong aftertaste (and while you're eating too!) Not subtle but very obvious. I wouldn't call it moldy or fishy ... just nasty though. I am going to ask her what she is feeding them and see if there is something that sounds different from what I have always fed.
Uniontown, I hadn't thought of that and that really makes sense because of the taste. Need to call her soon... THanks so much for the input folks!
I was wondering if they could be duck eggs. While I don't eat my eggs from the ducks I have cracked a few and the youlks are very bright. I have heard they have a strong flavor, but I have not noticed any smell from them.
No, they're not duck eggs. I have eaten those and while they do taste a little different they don't have the horrible smell and taste these ones do.

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