Strange tiny eggs! I think one of my hens is broken.

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    I have started finding these tiny eggs in my coop, and even around our yard where our hens free range. Have now gotten about a dozen of these tiny eggs, and when we crack them open there is only egg white and no yolk. Is one of my hens broken? ;-) why would this happen? We have 10 hens of various breeds, and all 10 have layed regular sized eggs. The hens always have access to water and layer pellets. They also get scratch grains and access to kitchen scraps and compost.[​IMG]
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    fart eggs, wind eggs, how old are your hens? they do this when they first start laying as pullets or at the end of their laying yrs. sometimes when they are taking a break from laying
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    We call those "fart eggs". They often don't have yolks, but I've seen ones with partly developed, or really small yolks too. Causes are:

    - The hen's oviduct releases a small piece of reproductive tissue or another small foreign mass enters the hen's oviduct, triggering the regular formation of an egg. The foreign object will be treated like a normal yolk and enveloped in albumen, membranes and a shell;

    - Occasionally a hen will also lay a fart egg when something disturbs her reproductive cycle;

    - Young pullets may lay a fart egg or two when coming into lay and is still getting their reproductive systems in gear.
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