Strange...trumpeting noises? What?

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Jun 3, 2019
So I was taking my dogs out when I heard something run by the woods literally feet from my house. It sounded like my livestock guardian dogs so I walked back there and thought I saw one of their tails. So I whistled. And my response was this strange honking/trumpeting noise. I literally do not know how to describe it. It really put my house dogs on edge. Does anyone have any idea what this is? I’m not sure this is exactly a “pest” but since I don’t know what it is....I don’t know if it’s a pest or not. At this point you guys are better than google.
Thats odd, only ones I know the trumpet are the trumpeter swan and an elephant, and neither of them would make ya think it was a dog, Haven't heard a wild turkey and geese but that is a possibility in your area and as turkey don't fly and adult could make ya think it maybe if ya saw it running
We live in colorado, and my neighbor here heard a weird animal call last night too. It was down in our front pasture. Hes a hunter, so hes heard all kinds of animal calls, but he said he never heard nothing like that. They had something get two of their birds last night to . I'm sitting up with the shotgun for a few hours tonight.

I hope you figure out what it is and find out it's not a threat to your animals!

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