Strange yet funny rooster behavior!


6 Years
May 12, 2013
So my crazy rooster Mr,Cadberry does this strange thing I call it "his laying egg time"what he does is he makes the same noise he makes when he sees a hawk or something and her crouches low and moves hay away makes a nice and sits there and starts clucking after maybe 5 mins he gets up he does this everyday in the hide always and hen boxes why does he do this XD
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My roosters do the same thing! They often nestle down in a corner and start making soft tucking noises while arranging wood shavings and making a depression in the ground. The hens usually come over and look at him, but never lay down in his "nest".
My roo Dave does this but it it is like he is building a nest for the hens. He starts when the hens start making the noise they make just before they lay. He leads each one in builds the nest and stays until the hen lays down. I think it is lovely!

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