strawberries & egg shell color

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    No the shells are not red or pink but I've been giving the girls strawberry caps and a quart of berries that were just old & deflated looking...NO MOLD. Course they loved them but now I've got one hen whose eggs look like the shell has flecks of strawberry colored (dark red), well, flecks. Otherwise the egg appears completely normal inside and out. would the berries have anything to do with this or is there something else going on?? TIA [​IMG]
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    Not sure, but this thread needs pics!
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    Quote:I agree.
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    pics please!!
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    I get spotted eggs all the time. It has to do with calcium not strawberries. If an extra layer of calcium gets laid down you can get purple eggs and other colors. Usually applying water makes it temporarily go away because it lets you see the shell color underneath. When it dries the color returns.

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