Stray Chicken attacked by cat


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My husb coworker brought him a chicken he had rescued from a cat attack. Dont know if its sex. It's a white bird and I believe a pullet still pretty young, it's comb is still kind of small. It has a wound on the back of its head from the cat attack. I have it in a dog crate away from my birds as I know they will peck at it. I dont know what to treat it with. Any suggestions? I cannot post pics as I am too new to the forum
Wash with warm soapy water, dry well then put something like neosporin w/o pain relief on it. Infection is something to watch out for but most likely she'll recover without problems. Good for you for taking her in and helping her and
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Thank you for the advise. we've kept her in a large dog crate on the porch for now. Tomorrow we are going to introduce her to our other 6 and see if they get along. She is younger than they are, her comb is really small. Actually I cant even say it's a girl
Since you do not know where she came from and her background, I would quarantine her for 30 or more days. Do not let her get near your flock and wash your hands before and after coming in contact with her. You never know what she might be carrying. Also, you should keep her away until the wound is completely healed over. The other chickens will go after the spot and cause more problems.
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