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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Dixiedoodle, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Apr 14, 2007
    When my visiting sil and grandson left the farm today......they called back and asked if I was missing a 'striped chicken' (Barred Rock)...I checked and they were all here... So, in they come with a young Barred Rock pullet! Seems my grandson chased her down (he's 10).. because he said if he could catch her a dog, fox, cat could...She was sitting at the end of our drive in a little dust nest... Our drive is 1/2mile long and our nearest neighbors are 1/4 'as the crow flies'! Called everyone (all kin) and asked if someone was missing a girl---no one is! So, now I have this girl.. She has no visible signs of trauma, no blood, she is walking fine, she isn't too afraid of any one... and she drank water. I have her isolated in a small wooden 'crate' (4x4) w/ an attached outside area, off the ground 4.5 ft..

    Questions: What do I need to do? Feed her? put in her water? treat for? Worm? Electrolytes? Dust???

    I do not want to put her in with my chickens for 30 days so I have time to do what needs to be done. I don't want to do everything at once--unless it needs to be done. BUT I want her to be in top shape before she is even allow to visit....

    Thank you all...
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    It is a chicken dropped from heaven! [​IMG] Kidding! I am glad she ended up at your house though, lucky bird! I would say just keep an eye on her for signs of disease, mites etc. She should be fine where you have her until you feel she has been quarantined long enough. Congrats on your new edition! If that would have happened to me, it would have been a roo! [​IMG]
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    If you have a lot of chickens, or if you want to practice VERY GOOD biosecurity, you might want to keep the new chicken separate for 1 month, then add one of your flock in with her for another month to see if YOUR chicken gets sick from something the newbie is carrying. If the new chicken is OK for a month, and your "canary" doesn't get sick, then you can integrate.

    Per standard biosecurity, be sure you feed/clean up YOUR chickens before you do anything to your visitor's quarters, and then clean up thoroughly afterward. You don't want to track germs from your guest over to your established flock!

    Good luck!
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    Well, I took a good look at her in the daylight.. She is not a Barred Rock, she is a Dominque pullet.. She has been handled, not afraid. We went to two houses of neighbors we don't really know.. One wouldn't answer the door--could see people moving ==looking at us.. The other, we couldn't get close to the house because of the gate.. But we did try...

    Gave her some electrolytes in her water. Next week , I'll worm her and dust her for mites/lice--don't see any but just want to be safe.

    I only have 11 chickens... Just lost my Blue Ameraucana. So, my grandson was thrilled that he found her 'for' me..LOL

    Not sure what to do except, keep her caged, water feed, love her... Thanks for the replies.

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