Stream water?

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  1. lrobb88

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    Apr 19, 2013
    Hey all, I have my first 25 Cornish cross going onto pasture in a tractor. My pasture is far away from running water (as is my barn), so I’ve been hauling 5 gallons at a time while they’re in the brooder. In the pasture we have a spring fed stream and I’m wondering if I can start using that as a water source instead. For some context, I’m on a large tract (mainly wooded) surrounded by national forest, so fairly pristine and we’re at ~2000 feet. As far as I know were the highest on the stream though it is possible there is small scale agriculture somewhere further up (most likely cattle). Does anyone use streams as water source and have any advice? Or should I keep hauling well water? Thank you!
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    My gut says the stream water should be okay, but you could have an analysis done just to make sure.
  3. Timothy Menezes

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    Should be ok, I have seen animals drinking allot worse on farms, and at the feed store for that matter :sick:sick:sick
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    Mine drink out of a shallow stream and do fine. It comes out of the ground just above where they are.

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