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    I have a question about my chickens. When I need to go somewheres I put my girls back in theier coops cause i'm scared that a hawk might gets them cause they got one of my girls already my poor preicous Maggy that I miss dearly so today I gave them so Electrolyte in their water cause I thought it would help with the stress cause of them use to being free range or out in their fenced in area I am in the process of building them a place that will have a top th their caged in area so that when I do go somewheres they will be able to be out so my question is will the Electrolyte hurt them or will it just help them with the stress if anyone can please help me Thank You!!!!![​IMG]
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    Electrolytes should only be given for a day or two when they are under a particular stress, usually an illness. They can definitely do more harm than good. The safest thing for them will be the new caged area, of course. Until then, perhaps you could give them a flock block or hanging cabbage, something to do, while they are confined. Or perhaps you could put up a temporary cover for them, maybe a tarp stretched between some trees, or tacked to the coop and then to something temporary for them to hide under.
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