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Mar 14, 2007
Hayward, Wisconsin
We had a house fire early last month and have ended up tearing down the house and planning on moving. In the mean time we've been staying with my in-laws. Instead of driving 35 miles one way to take care of our chickens, we moved them and their coop to the in-laws place. We will be moving them again next week when we move into our new house. What can I do to make the move easier on them? They haven't laid any eggs since the fire. I've been trying to get them back into their routine, etc...but there's a few that seem to have trouble with it. Any suggestions? Thank you!


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May 8, 2007
I'm so sorry about your house fire. That sounds horrible!

I've moved a variety of species along with me a few times. The most reassuring thing for all of them, seems to be me. I try to spend time with them and be as relaxed and normal as possible, not always easy when you are busy dealing with your own changes and other people. They'll appreciate even more than usual, having you just pull up a chair for a little while each day and talk quietly to them. I try to keep to as much of their normal routine as possible, as you are already doing.

The other thing I do is anything they especially enjoy. For chickens, this means snacks! I would make sure to give them any treat you can think of, that they would really enjoy. For mine, it would be hulled sunflower seeds and any kind of bug, live or dried. For other chickens, it might be yogurt or some kind of fruit. A little scratch. Nothing says "This is a great place to be" like food! I also feed humans something tasty.

If they seem nervous about the new environment, especially outside, you might want to make sure they have enough cover in their run, so they feel safer. A tarp over part of the run or things to hide under. Visual cover really helps reduce stress for birds in a new environment.

Good luck with the move!

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