stressed out chicken


11 Years
Sep 30, 2008
I have one australorpe that started laying in the last two weeks. She has two quiet secluded spots (one in the bushes and one in the coop nest box). 2-3 hours before she lays an egg she gets nervous, pants, paces frantically, seems to want to be held (which is NOT normal for her) and makes A LOT of noise. She has gotten so loud that we're afraid the neighbors will ask us to find her a new home. Once the egg is out she is back to her calm quiet self. Is she in pain? Is she frantic that she can't find her other eggs? How can I make egg laying easier on her? I'd appreciate any advice...


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11 Years
Aug 2, 2008
North Dakota
I wouldn't worry, I have a couple of hens that get excited when they are going to lay an egg. I think either it hurts or they want everyone to stay out of the coop while they do their business. It was pretty noisy at first but now they just let out a few squawks and lay their eggs. I don't think she's eggbound if she lays eggs.


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11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southeast Coast of Florida
* Mine is the same way, and it was worse early on when she first started laying. I think it takes awhile for them to understand what is happening and become accustomed. It helped a bit when I cut her feed with oats for the summer because the eggs got a bit smaller and easier to lay, I think.

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