Stressed out?


8 Years
Dec 17, 2011
My 8 month barred rock hen was attacked by a fox terrier and she fought him hard!! She pecked one of his eyes till it bled! I got to her in time! I punched the dog so hard it let go of her! I checked for a good 2 hours and Nothing! Just a hurt wing! No bites no bleeding nothing! I am so relived! But now she is acting weird. I put her under a heat lamp(for relaxation) and separated her from the flock. She wont eat or drink and is tired looking. Is she just stressed out? Thanks.
She could be in shock also, traumatic experiences like that aren't fun. It happened with my Leghorn, she hid in a tree one night and a raccoon almost got her, she was in shock for 3 hours and didn't lay for about a week, but then started laying again the week after.

Don't be surprised if she isn't laying, has running poops or if she starts a molt in the next couple of days. You should use a dropper and mix water with baby vitamins (make sure no iron) and give them to her. Good luck, she is a brave soul~
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Stress is hard on them. Keep her quiet. Give her some Sugar water. Helps the shock and gives her some energy You can squirt it in her mouth with a syringe or an eye dropper.

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