Stressful hens dont like coop, what to do???

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    Jan 1, 2012
    My hens (5) have a fairly large coop, and then a run. The run is all dirt, and I have some pine shavings in the actual coop. I usually let them out of the coop from 10am- bedtime (6ish) and then close the gate. I have 4 new hens that are just starting to lay, and one keeps laying outside the fence ( where my patio is because I don't want poop all over it) so yesterday I kept them in the coop almost the whole day to see which hens were laying, (Turns out all of them!) but when waiting in the coop, they were so so so stressed. They kept on pacing, and bawking and being awfully loud. Their poop got runny also. I want them to enjoy being in their coop whenever so how do I make it so they enjoy being in their coop?! I already have treats in there, but they don't last long [​IMG]
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    Just my guess, but I would say they prefer to be outside, like all of them do. Thing is, YOU are in charge. The will be just fine in the coop, if that's where you feel the need to keep them. Sure it's good for them to be out, but that's not always possible. Don't you stress out and make things worse. Let them out when you feel it's appropriate and let them deal with the coop when you don't........Pop

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