Stretching her neck out and making strange sounds

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10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Our pullet has been acting strange for 2 days now. She has been stretching out her neck and making strange sounds. Very quiet nasel like squeek. She acts like she can not get air or something. She has no food in her gizzard. She acts week but does get up and walk the yard, just not very active. She started thrashing a little while ago and jumped out of ds hands and hit her head. We thought we were going to loose her for sure. But she seems better now... Any ideas on what it could be?
She died! Any ideas what could have happened?
I had a hen with exactly the same symptoms that lived without intervention from us, beyond us traumatizing her more by catching her. We thought for sure she was going to die right then and there. She could hardly breathe and her comb turned purple. When she calmed down, my hubby put her back in the coop and expected to find her body there the next morning. But she was better the next morning.

My guess is that she had something stuck in her throat, like a stone or wood shaving or something. But I guess we won't know, will we? I'm so sorry your girl died.
Thank you all... We have no idea what happened to her but she was acting like something was stuck. She started thrashing around and then just died. Ive got a house full of crying kiddo's. This is one of the hens we hatched from our yard, so its tough!
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