String wrapped around RiR pullets tongue questions if anyone has time

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Okarche Oklahoma
    So I go out to do my evening rounds and fill waterers and feeders When I get to the hen coop my daughter informs me theres a little girl with a string down her throat. We quicky open the wind door I examine it and its actually not in her throat its wrapped and somehow knotted around the base of her tongue. She had been trying for however long to pull it out herself. When I saw her she ws tugging and walking backwards. theres a big blood blister at the bottom of her tongue. After about 30 min of being careful with the sharp scissors (I had to strap her down to a board she wouldnt sit still and i had a fear of stabbing her in the tongue throat ect.) I was finally able to get it out She already acted lithargic at this point almost as if taking her few last breaths in my hands and my daughters hands. ( it just appeared she gave up trying to live from that point) her eyes were closed her breath was very slow and shallow I had elastic bands around her lower and upper body to keep her still. Soon as I removed it from her tongue and released her from her bonds, she quicky perked up and started attacking us. I guess my question is what can I do to make sure she can eat and doesnt die on us. I mixed her up some grain and oatmeal I made it very runny and soft were srambling some eggs up now. I offered her vitamins and electrolyts in the water is there anything more we can do to help this little one Make the stress transition and heal her wounds since it is inside the mouth any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks alot.
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    Add some plain yogurt or buttermilk to the oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Do it for however long you think her mouth will heal. I'm thinking about a week at most...then you can wean her off the goodies. Good luck.
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    May 14, 2010
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    Wow I had a pullet get a string wrapped around her tongue this afternoon. I went to fill up waterers and noticed a group of chickens surrounding another and I went over and looked at what was going on and one of my white orpington pullets had a string wrapped around her tongue and her tongue was swollen and purple. I grabbed some scissors and cut the thread off her tongue and she was comfortable staying in my arms (which never happens) so I just held her and I grabbed a water bottle lid and poured some water down her throat and the swelling went down and she is recovered now. She didn't attack me and I had my fingers in her beak and was expecting her to bite down but she didn't. Good pullet.

    I hope your chicken is fine.
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    I'm thinking baby aspirin for inflamation... to keep any swelling down. [​IMG]
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    Don't give baby aspirin. It will upset their "stomach" proventriculus and possibly cause liver failure.
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    Jun 21, 2010
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    ty everyone she is back to her normal self but she wants to go back to her coop she isnt happy inside in her cage So i am banding her and gonna let her back she seems to be eating and drinking fine I will pull her out each morning when I let em out and Give her goodies perhaps this will help her the swelling seems fine and she is activly chasing any pests she sees and devouring them [​IMG]

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