Stringy feathers on one wing?


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Oct 11, 2011
Lane County, OR
The runt of my serama hatch from 2 Weeks ago has totally normal smooth wing feathers on one wing (pic 1), and very stringy feathers on her other wing (pic 2). I noticed the stringy feathers as soon as they came in... It seems to be the way they're growing in... They're not just getting messed up for some reason or another. Does it mean anything? Defect our deficiency? Anyone else have experience with this? Sorry if it's difficult to see the difference between the two pictures... The difference is obvious in person.

I can't really say but things may change after a molt. Also it could be genetic such as when you cross two frizzled birds.

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Where they from your eggs? Your chickens? Could be a frizzle? I hatch serama frizzles all the time and some have stringy feathers. Im sure if its smooth then they will grow out.
All breeds are differant. You would not believe how ugly my EE was when I first got her and she started to grow from a 2 day old chick. She was so beat up looking I thought the other kids were picking on her. It was not true at all she was just in a constant molt to catch up to the late in the summer to fall change and look at her a month ago picture. 17 weeks and just absolutely gorgeous chicken!!!
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sunny & the 5 egg layers :


sunny & the 5 egg layers
is the puppy in your picture profile a Rhodesian Ridgeback? What an adorable and cute puppy? Aren't they all
Just a first timer but my runt somehow developed twisted feathers at about 4 weeks.
I posted pics and got the frizzle comments etc.
Long story short, the runt is still the runt but doing quite well at 8 months.
One day the twisted feathers were just gone.
For the first six months they keep growing and dropping feathers, the quantity amazed me.
The went outside at seven weeks and for months feathers blew all over our yard.

Like I say, first timer, but I'd bet that the feather "problem" will resolve with
no attention needed on your end.
Thanks for all the replies! Nothing to do but wait and see, but thought I'd ask questions in the meantime

Yes, the eggs were from my own chickens. At first I thought frizzle or silkied (don't know the ins and outs of genetics, but thought maybe one or both of my smooth could be carriers), but when I saw the other wing's feathers were growing in smooth I threw that idea out the window. The others don't pick on her either. I'm hoping she feathers out to be a normal smooth serama. If not, I will love her anyway!

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