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  1. chickenbaguette

    chickenbaguette Songster

    Jul 2, 2011
    My 5ish year old bantam hen started to seem to lose her voice about a week ago - couldn't seem to get any sound out. Then one day she fell over once, so I checked her and couldn't find anything wrong. The next morning I found her on the floor on her side, as if her right leg hurt or just had no strength. Just flopped on one side stretching the other leg out and trying to get up.

    It seems like a strange question, but is it possible for a stroke to happen slowly? Her comb has got a purply tinge but only now, two days after she first couldn't get up. She seems to have something wrong with her sight, pecking at things as if they were closer than they are, not quite reaching them. She can sometimes pick things up but only if they are on a black background.

    [​IMG] Help!

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