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Nov 1, 2011
Perry, GA
Was thinking of ordering some chicks from Stromberg's. They SAY they offer some show quality breeds. Has anybody had any experience with them ?
Yes Strombergs is a drop shipper, no sense in paying a middle man when you can get the chicks directly from the breeder. The Exhibition line chicks they sell are bred by reknown breeder Duane Urch and if you want them, you can contact Duane directly and order them at $7.00 a chick rather than the $8.80 that Strombergs charges when they resell them.

You can find a copy of Duanes breed and price list, as well as his contact info here,
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Then why are the 49.00 on the site for exhibition quality????? What makes that chick worth that much money???? I realize that the "shipping cost" is included in the price, but come on.............49.00 for "show quality"............dang, that's an expensive chick.
Yep, look at the quantity box, that's for 5 chicks. But that brings them to around $10 each ( the catalog I got the $8.80 from is a year or two old and Duane had to raise his prices this year so I guess that's why they are now higher at Strombergs. But like I said, Duane sales them for $7 each this year, but that dosent include shipping.
Ohhhhhhhh, don't I feel silly now
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Better to order directly from Duane than Stromsberg's. I know they raised a bit because they need the money to cover the other expenses (the middleman expenses).
Not too pleased with Stromberg, myself. Their web site is misleading in that a pullet to them is a day old female chick.

Everything I've learned about pullets is that they are between 14-20 weeks old, so I ordered 5 pullets. Imagine my surprise when, after buying pullet feed (grower/developer), preparing a chicken coop, and excpecting half-grown hens, 3 day old chicks arrive and I have to scramble to get a heat lamp, chick grower feed, etc!

So, if you're looking for pullets from Stromberg, be sure you look for "started" pullets. Cost the same as the chicks, but shipping is considerably higher. What a SNAFU! Now I wait 5 months for an egg.

Oh, BTW, the chicks actually came from Cackle Hatchery, not Stromberg!

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