Struggling chick.

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    Mar 21, 2011
    So I hatched out 3 americauna chicks... two are doing well a third was the last to hatch, and is struggling. I've given them some kickin' chicken suppliment, and it's pecking but it's craw just isn't full like the others... I syringed it some egg yolk and it seems a little more active, but just not right. I separated it from the other two and put it back into the incubator... Is there anything I am missing?

    One other issue... this little chick WILL NOT stay out of the water bowl... It was really oily from the suppliment and I've gently washed it with soap, and put it back in... Loved the warm bath, little weirdo.. stuck it in my shirt until mostly dry. back in the incubator, and it hops into the water again.

    It did the same thing when it was in the brooder box with the others... wet chick equals chilled chick and so that is why it's going it is the incubator alone. Now it's peeping alot lonely I think... but I can't put it in with the others as they keep knocking it down etc.
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