Struggling to stabilize temps in a homemade 'bator

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Chotii, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hi folks,

    I successfully hatched 20 out of 21 eggs, about 2 months ago. I put my 'bator away and didn't plan any more hatches this year, but then a lady friend gave me 24 eggs to hatch.

    Alas, even though the 'bator was stable as a rock for a full 24 hours at 99.5F, when I put the eggs in the temps began fluctuating between 97F-102F (measured inside a water wiggler) and you can predict what happened.

    So, I got a new water-heater thermostat, and still can't get the temps stable. It fluctuates between 97-101. I can't figure out what to do about it. I don't really think another new water-heater thermostat will do the job. What about an electric one, the kind you use for the house (not programmable, just digital).

    I have the 'bator sitting on a thick floor mat, with a blanket on top. It should be solid as a rock and it just isn't.

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    Hi I used to use a hot water heater thermostat in th ebator i made but i really wasn't getting good hatches. I bought one at petco online made for reptile terrariums. It was a bit more expensive but it fluctuated a lot less and my hatches were much better. It was really easy to rewire too. Also they say after you put the eggs in the temps will fluctuate a bit til the eggs get up to temp. Good luck I hope this helps.
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    You can modify the water heater thermostat to be a lot more sensitive by drilling small holes in the blk housing around the thermo disc so that more air can pass over the disc... mine fluctuates less than a degree... I also use the GQF snap swith thermo disc thermostats that you have in the hova-bators... they can be purchased at the GQF website for 16 to 19 dollars plus shipping... I use both with a lot of success! [​IMG]
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    I tried drilling through the case, and I know I made a couple of tiny dents on something on the inside when the drill suddenly broke through into the space beyond the wall of the case. I think I broke the darn thing. The light's not coming on now even though I reattached it. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I can't figure out how you attach the GQF thermostat inside the incubator?? Since this is a homemade dealie, not a do you wire it in? I'm looking at the picture, mind you. I haven't ordered one yet.

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