Struggling with my current duck hatch


Call Duck obsessed! 🦆💕
Mar 14, 2020
Just checked the little ones, I have been waking up every two hours. All still doing well and the malpositions are still yawning, and chewing. I left them for now and will help more later in the morning. It had been over 36 hrs since internal pip for one baby and I noticed it’s breathing was off so I gave it a safety hole. The other one is approaching 24 hrs since internal pip but I left it be for now. They still have active blood vessels so I’m going slow. I think later today I will open the air cell so I can see if the little one’s yolk is absorbed but not yet.

I started assisting this little one at around 3:20 pm on Friday. It’s still yawning away. Seems healthy though. :)

Here’s the safety hole baby:

Here’s the other malposition baby, this one still has a lot of veins to absorb:

Here’s the external pipper:

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