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11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
On of my black stars started laying a few weeks ago. Unfortunately she was laying right in the doorway of the roost. I took a good look at my nest boxes, and decided that she didn't have a good "landing spot" in order to get into the boxes. No problem, quick fix. No dice. Still layed in the doorway. So I took an egg crate put it on it's side, added hay, and then put it in her favorite spot. The idea was to get her used to laying in a box and then move it closer and closer to the "real" boxes. No dice. I figured I'd wait a bit till the other hens would start laying and show her where to lay. Two more have started, and they use the boxes just fine. First hen, you guessed it, in the doorway. When I walked in this morning, she was having a session ( she gets the most amusing "well, excuuuuuse me! look to her), so I stuffed her in a box, she wanted out, so I put a half empty feed bag to keep her in. Walked out of the coop, and then when right back in to grab something, and she had managed to get out. But she left behind her egg. I expect it did not help though. I wouldn't mind, but I've already lost one egg because it was kicked against the wall by another hen scratching. Any ideas on how to get the little misfit to behave? Stubborn owner, stubborn chicken... go figure


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LOL...if you can think of something, let me know...I have one who likes to lay it on top of my highest cage.
I have heard to let them lay the egg and then pick her and the egg up and place them both in the box...after several times of doing this, something's supposed to click!
Good luck!

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