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8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
I had a late hatcher... last night he appeared to be making progress so I left him alone. this morning he was the same, but alive and peeping.. I moistened his shell and put him back in, and he finished the job.. a few membrane peices needed picked off his wing as it was stuck pretty good.. now the problem is that the other chicks are pecking him.. he's two day's behind the earliest chicks... Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just let nature take it's course?

I would keep him or her under a heat light and watch closely because I have lost some from time to time for that same reason so now I have a differnt brooder for the ones like that and no problems.. alot of times they will kill them
thanks for the reply and the welcome... I will get her set up in her own private room then... I really hope she makes it. I just got done taping up another of the chicks who's a little spraddled. Put it back in and its already trying to stand up.
Why don't you take the older chicks out of the incubator and put them in the brooder, but leave the little chick in the incubator for the warmth for an extra day. Then he'll get some rest and join right in with the flock.
Just a quick update.... I put it back in with the others a few hours ago... Little one is notably smaller than the others.. but he's pecking and hopping, though I did tape up his legs to stop him from splaying... actually it's a lot more active than my other spaddle legged chick... Did I mentioned they were silkies... the little one is a blue with a really high vaulted head. Really happy with how this turned out!


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