8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
Bay City, TX
Does anybody here know about folks lending out roos for stud services? Is it just too easy to trade diseases that way? How would one go about finding a stud? Would it just be simpler to buy a roo for stud service and then have yourself a nice chicken soup when you didn't need him any more? I don't want roosters, but I might just want to hatch chicks from my own flock one day.
I don't know of anyone who would do a stud service for poultry because of the risk of spreading diseases. You could get some fertile eggs from another source and hatch them under a broody or in an incubator. Roos are a mixed blessing. They are useful for protection, eye candy and breeding, but have several challenges that go along with them.
The other issue is flock dynamics. I don't think a rooster can just show up and be immediately accepted by a flock of hens. I've heard of roosters getting their butts kicked by hens, so it happens.

It's much easier and simpler, I think, to buy fertile hatching eggs to slip under a broody. That's what we did last spring and that's how we got pure d'Uccles in our flock now. This way, you can add a new breed of chicken to your flock if you want.

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